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Patrick's Exclusive Services is a recently established comprehensive business operating under a single entity. Our specialization encompasses addressing your diverse needs, including meal preparation, property maintenance, and specialized cleaning for both office and residential spaces. Our commitment lies in delivering the highest quality service to meet and exceed your expectations.

Why should you choose Patrick's Exclusive Services?

We advocate for your home to be a sanctuary of comfort and tranquility. However, disruptions like broken items may challenge your peace of mind, especially when your busy schedule or lack of expertise hinders repairs. That's where we come in – an honest, professional, and reliable solution to address these issues. Understanding your needs and possessing the necessary skills, we're committed to going the extra mile, ensuring a job done right the first time for your peace of mind and your family's.

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Founder and CEO

Jason Patrick

Founder and CEO: Jason Patrick

Greetings! I am Jason Patrick, the Owner and Founder of Patrick's Exclusive Services, with a background as a Culinary Chef. I hold qualifications in Food and Beverage Service, Basic Fruit and Vegetable Carving, and have honed my skills at esteemed establishments such as The Rouxbe and Accor Hotel, Cooking around the world Bermuda.


My primary goal is to consistently surpass customer expectations, setting a high standard for the quality of service at Patrick's Exclusive Services. I am exceptionally hardworking and dedicated, possessing a profound passion for service, whether it involves meticulous cleaning or showcasing my creativity in presentation. The explosion of flavors in my cooking reflects both my dedication and creativity.

With over a decade of experience, I am prepared to extend my services to the residents of Bermuda, having garnered the satisfaction of numerous happy customers. I am committed to upholding the exceptional standards that define my work.

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